• Jim on a good day

I love photography. It is the perfect balance of what I enjoy: Creativity, problem solving, and people. While I photograph almost anything, my commercial focus is on product photography for integrated marketing programs, such as advertising, catalogs, websites and even semi trailer graphics, carefully crafting detailed images that showcase my clients products and even meet needs not yet realized.

Literally every image on this site is the product of a shooting day. Some of these days comprise a crew of five making 140 images a day- others are less volume and people intensive, maybe just myself and the client in the studio doing good work. Every image I make receives my full attention; high production volume doesn’t have to mean low production value.

My clients have told me how much they enjoy their time in the studio: Aside from producing great photos, we always have fun. This is why I have clients who have been with me over 18 years, maintaining business relationships even as they change companies. And they they've told me how the studio is a great space to work in: a huge bank of west-facing windows, 18-foot ceilings, kitchen, en suite bathroom, and multiple entrances, it is a fully-functioning studio with all the amenities.

I started my career during the film days, and started working with some of the first digital cameras in 1994. I am seasoned enough to know how to handle any wacky issue that can come up: from the technical glitches that are inevitable with digital technology, running multiple sets and crews on high production clothing shoots, handling personnel issues, fixing a strobe head or a busted car. Technical yet organic.

To maintain an up-beat and positive vibe in the studio, good music is always available in the background of a production day. This is largely influenced by my former career as a professional musician; my passion for music runs deep.

I invite you to come by the studio for a tour. I can offer you a drive-through of a production day, the work-flow and how we can work together. I look forward to meeting you, and to building a great working relationship together.